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MP Main:!reseller/89291

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HP Support - 0860 104 771 - Dell Support - 080 016 7000

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Network Computers Not Displaying - Control Panel – List, Administrator Tools, Services – Standard, DNS Client, Function Discovery, SSDP Discovery, UPNP Service

Windows 10: Add/Remove Programs, Turn Windows Features On orOff, Tick (SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support


Kindly find the article on this and the links below that explains the frameworks 4.7 error . 

Here are better links

KB article for the July 2018 .Net Framework update 

The issue explained 

The August 2018 fix

Mikrotik QOS Setup

Mikrotik Shared Bandwidth - PCQ

 Analogue To VoIP

 Analogue Expansion

PSTN Line Expansion


Bandwidth (Upload Speed)
Maximum # Lines
Recommended # Lines
500 Kbps
1 Mbps
5 Mbps
10 Mbps
30 Mbps

VoIP Mbps Speed Test: How To Do The Math

You can also do some simple math to calculate exactly how many VoIP lines your internet connection can support:

  1. Multiply your upload speed by 1000. This converts the units from Mbps to Kbps, so if your speed is already expressed in Kbps then skip this step.
  2. Divide your result from step 1 by 445. This will tell you the recommended number of phone lines your connection can support.
  3. Divide your result from step 1 by 100. This is how many phone lines you can support in a perfect world where your internet connection was stable and consistent and no bandwidth was being used for other activities, like browsing or downloading.