Kiss - Keep It Simple Stupid.

Everything is not about money. Quality, Excellence & Service are what we believe in. It takes an Experienced & Passionate person to provide a solution. You never know it all in the World of Information Technology. It is way too advanced & powerful to grasp in one lifetime.


We started in 2005 in a one-bedroom flat. It took us a year back then to create the Name & Logo that stands the test of time. We moved to a house in 2009 & combined our main office in it & we are still here ever since. We fought high and low to get our unique number (0741 Monique – 666 478) back in 2005 & the number still remains the same today. We have touched clients throughout South Africa & a few neighbouring countries. We use tools of the highest quality in order to complete installations to perfection.

We are Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Adobe & many more Certified Partners & Resellers.


We Assemble, Test, Perfect & Deliver High End IT Equipment throughout South Africa.

We work for three simple words; you will know it once we are done.

What We Do in A Nutshell

  •          IT Sales, Support, Hardware & Software Solutions


  •          Internet Access: Fibre (Home & Business), 4G / LTE-Advanced, 5G, Wireless Point to Point.


  •          VoIP Telephony: Standalone & Hosted PBX. We pushed to have Yeastar Cloud PBX hosted locally.


  •          Installations - Cat6 networks, CCTV, Networking, Complete office moves from start to finish.


  •          Services - Website construction, Catalogue, E-Commerce (sell online), Logo Design, Portfolio, Onsite & Offsite repairs & upgrades & a whole lot more.


  •          Hosting: Our servers are located in Los Angeles East & West Coast, due to them being High-End machines.


  •          We’ve teamed up with the most stable & effective suppliers to provide Quality, Excellence & Service to all our clients, big & small.


Personal gratitude: Thank you, Evelyn. If it was not for you, I would not be here.

Registered Name: Stevovo cc 

Trading Name: Moniquesplace
Registration: 2005/029980/23
Vat: 4380225047 
BBBEE: Level 1  
Location: 22 Almond Road, Primrose, Germiston, 1401
Telephone: 011 822 9462 
Technical: 0741 Monique (666 478)

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